I am a critic of everything & curious of anything. This blog is to share life experience & imaginations in English. A place where I will have real audience who will read me. This way I can get ready to publish my story collection in a world wide language.

With love from Kabul, Afghanistan :)


Daily life

I have been setting here - in a café shop - for a while, beside drinking tea watching people. Café is one of the best places to see interaction between people. Some of them are talking about politics - mostly the upcoming elections - and some of them are talking about arts. But you know what! Most of them don’t know what they are talking about. It’s their daily life. They have to spend their time some how, but it is the question! How? Setting in a Café and talk about something Bu***t? Actually it is not the right way. We Afghans really don’t know how to spend our time in a right way, and that’s why we are here, a very backward country :(

Afghanistan Election - part 0

Well, when I started this blog I told myself that “Omid! DO NOT blog about Politics” but now I see that it is almost impossible to be an Afghan without politics opinion ;)

To be honest, I can’t be silent about this election which is very important in Afghanistan history. As an Afghan citizen who is living inside the country I have to let the world know what is going on in Afghanistan.

That is why I am going to post about the upcoming election during the campaigns and the candidates that are known to be competing in the election. In this series I am trying to be neutral and impartial about anything happens before, during and after the Afghanistan election. I will be focusing on Presidential election but I may post about provincial council elections too.

OK, check this piece out in WSJ about Afghan Election Frontrunners.

Photo from BBC Persian

Those who don’t know how to make love make war.

The Patience Stone by Atiq Rahimi

Dear lovely Hindu

One of my friends in Facebook uploaded the following photo to his timeline some days ago.

It’s about Hindus in Afghanistan and the racist way we are behaving with them. The text under the photo was in Dari, so one of my American friends asked me:”So who are these fine Gentlemen, please?”

I tried to give him a very short answer but to be honest I couldn’t summarize this real story more than what you will be reading in a few seconds. When I started writing to him I realized that in depth, it’s more than a shame for Afghanistan. Here is what I wrote to my friend:

They are King Amanullah Khan’s ministers. King Amanullah was the best king Afghanistan has ever seen in her history. He was the first reformist in Afghanistan and fought to bring modernism into the country. Her wife, Malika Soraya (Queen Soraya) was the first woman who tore off her veil in public. 

He was the king of AF from 1919 to 1929 and did lots of admirable services to the country. But unfortunately, the traditional and religious people of the country couldn’t accept the changes and move towards civilization. That’s why they forced the king to resign 

This picture shows that between Amanullah Khan’s ministers there was a man named “Diwan Niranjan Das” - the man cycled with red - from the Hindu minority in Afghanistan. He was minister of finance in those days.

Although in a country like India, Hindus constitute the majority of the society and they have a large population there but in Afghanistan they are the minority. Hindus are not Muslim - they have different religion - but undoubtedly they are one of the oldest ethnicity of Afghanistan. They have served and contributed a lot to the Afghan society. 

But nowadays there are some Fascist and Racist people who are trying to ignore them. Unfortunately these racist people have the power in the country and they get their orders from Pakistan. As you may know India and Pakistan are the old enemies of each other. 

This ignorance include a lot of things such as political ignorance. They used to have at least one member of parliament in the Parliament of Afghanistan but it’s about one moth that the Karzai’s government has cut of this right from them either.

So some days ago they went to UNHCR and asked for an exodus & a mass immigration to another country. Really it’s very shameful for Afghanistan. I myself even can’t look at their eyes. The eyes which are very beautiful and shows an unlimited kindness.

PS - Unfortunately India doesn’t accept them too. They have their own reasons but I think the most one is they don’t want to do whatever Pakistan plans.

PPS - Even their education and schools are separated from Muslims :( :’(

Hello World :)

Hello people at tumblr. Finally I am here too. I hope to have a good experience of blogging with the service and the people in it. I will be blogging and sharing the experience of life in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

I have lots of stories to tell you. But first of all, I will find a good name for this blog. In the same time I have a blog in Dari - official language in Afghanistan, norband means beautiful - at norband.com but as I decided to have my tumblr blog in plain English, I will have it with different name. I will let you know as soon as I find a good name. Be passionate :)